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Rexton Technologies - About Us

Welcome to Rexton Technologies

With its headquarters in the UK, Rexton specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of a number of products including Domestic Lifestyle Products, Building Automation & Lighting Solutions, Heating & Ventilation Products, Cable Management Systems and Networking Cabinets. A leading company catering to the requirements of multitude of industries, Rexton has offices in India and the Middle East as well.

Our deep commitment to quality can be seen in everything we have to offer, be it our products or services. Armed with a dedicated team of experts and professionals we have been        successful in maintaining strong bonds with our clients all over the world.

In today’s day and age in which the use of technology is at its peak, efficiency levels are optimum and the market is educated and enlightened, Rexton fits right in.

The vision that guides Rexton is to reach the upper echelons of every industry it caters to and provide innovative and effective solutions that continuously exceed expectations.

The ultimate aim is to become a household name that signifies reliability, efficiency and durability.